Write node auto versioning

Write node auto versioning

n = nuke.thisNode()
oValue = n['file'].evaluate()
if os.path.isfile(oValue):
    (prefix, v) = nukescripts.version_get(oValue, 'v')
    v = int(v)
    n['file'].setValue(nukescripts.version_set(n['file'].value(), prefix, v, v + 1))

A few lines of python code I wrote to put in the beforeRender knob in Write node Python tab for auto versioning. That is if the file name matches the format of “_v##” frame padding digit doesn’t matter, each file will go up a version if the file already exists.

For my usage, this code still has a few flaws.

    1. It doesn’t version up to the latest version.
    2. Because of above, it will overwrites the next version if it already exists.

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