Compositing reel


Motion Design Reel


Developing Crowd Simulation with Nuke

[embed][/embed] I was tasked with development of crowd simulation during our third year film production, As You Command. The scene that requires a CG crowd takes place in a huge hockey rink with action in the foreground. Director James Cunningham gathered every students and lecturers in the class and shot…

FFmpeg output from nuke

Recently I discovered that nuke in Linux doesn't have H.264 in its codec list, unlike in Windows. Asking around nuke user forum reveals that it is because of quicktime only default on Windows and Mac, and there's codec licensing issue. But to sum it up, Nuke in Linux cannot output…

Cupcake for Adobe?

[embed][/embed] This is the 6 seconds clip I created for Adobe Round Trip 2016, which can be found here on Vimeo. It's a collaboration project in a facebook group of Adobe users in New Zealand. Of course use of other software were involved while creating this. Modeling, rigging and dynamics…
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