Developing Crowd Simulation with Nuke

I was tasked with development of crowd simulation during our third year film production, As You Command. The scene that requires a CG crowd takes place in a huge hockey rink with action in the foreground. Director James Cunningham gathered every students and lecturers in the class and shot almost 100 green screen plate for […]

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3D Topographical Map in After Effects! (soon)

It’s been a while since I touch after effects, being crazy in Nuke and all. But I just decided to pick up an old project and perhaps make a template/breakdown out of it. Looking into how complicated this project was, I must say, I miss the good old days in After Effects! Basically it is […]

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More nukescripts python panel tricks

I was writing an update to my setProjDir script, which is available on nukepedia at the moment of writing this. It is afunction requested from a user, for the script to affect selected nodes only. I’ve decided to go a step further and include options like exclude selected nodes or readgeo nodes. To do that, […]

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Nuke CSP error in Linux

Ever since I started using Linux for nuke and houdini projects, I noticed a significant different start up speed in all the programs I used! Of course it might be because my Windows simply has too much things, but that’s a topic for another day. I decided to do one of my projects I have […]

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Installing DroidCam on CentOS 7

Basically what DroidCam does is it allows me to turn my android phone into a webcam and use it on Skype, Google+, or even as a surveillance device if I wish. And I chose this program over other webcam apps for android simply because its desktop client work on both Windows and Linux. What I […]

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Nuke 11 Frame Server setup

Recently I was working on a short film called “June”, directed by actor/director Dwayne Cameron. In short we’re working on 4K plates and the render farm software in the facility is under maintenance. Looking at 2 – 4 hours of render time I just ran out of patience. So I’ve decided to look at Frame […]

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Nuke EnumerationPulldown

I was trying to create a simple panel with a dropdown menu, and had some trouble with nuke panel.addEnumerationPulldown. Here’s the code I was typing: opts = (‘on’, ‘from auto-localize path’, ‘off’) p = nuke.Panel(‘Change read localization’) p.addEnumerationPulldown(‘Set localization policy’, opts) I expected the panel to give me a dropdown list of on, from auto-localize […]

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Linux Snippets

I’ve interested in Linux for a while now but it’s only until recently I actually installed Linux to dual boot with my Windows 10. At first I installed Ubuntu because of it’s popularity, but on the same day I found out the production programs I work with (Nuke, Maya) doesn’t work that well with Ubuntu. […]

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Write node auto versioning

n = nuke.thisNode() oValue = n[‘file’].evaluate() if os.path.isfile(oValue): (prefix, v) = nukescripts.version_get(oValue, ‘v’) v = int(v) n[‘file’].setValue(nukescripts.version_set(n[‘file’].value(), prefix, v, v + 1)) A few lines of python code I wrote to put in the beforeRender knob in Write node Python tab for auto versioning. That is if the file name matches the format of “_v##” […]

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TCL/Python Snippets

Get input node name: [python nuke.thisNode().input(0).name()] [python nuke.thisNode().input(1).name()] [value this.input0.name] [value this.input1.name] Set a variable in expression with TCL: [set VARIABLENAME VALUE; return] To use this variable later needs to type it as: $VARIABLENAME Get the last letter/section from node name, separated by “_”: nuke.thisNode().name().rsplit(“_”).__getitem__(2) TCL String Operation that returns the 5th character from top […]

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