Download my resume (July 2018)

  1. As you Command, hockey_090
    • Tracked the plate with Syntheyes, layout the scene with assistant from an animator.
    • Roto hockey players, walls at the back with help of 3D stabilization.
    • With the camera tracked I re-uv part of the arena model (wall specifically), projected plate on it and use that to recover glass reflection at the back with UV render and frameblend method.
    • Crowd sim with green screen plates, and NukeX particle system. Created custom node with python to assist with bulk keying plates, details can be found here
    • Comped in CGI arena, crowd. Crowd reacts to CGI arena lighting.
  2. Troll Bridge
    • All the CG elements below has gone through a lens distortion with STMap.
    • Horse fine hair goes over uneven green suit and black rock later. Ended up roto out the main hair strands and combination of roto and keying parts the rest of the horse.
    • Due to the stone troll coming in between them, rock behind horse must be a separate matte even though horse is on top of it, . Done with combination of roto and keying to separate them. Shrink down the edge of rock considerably due to extreme depth of field, ended up generating my own edge.
    • Extended rock edge when green suit guy took out part of it which would shows up in the shot later.
    • Comp in background, fixed anti-aliased depth channel to generate DOF without artifacts.
    • Comp in sword FX elements with glow. .
    • Comp in Mica the troll. A pair of tooth were rendered and comp in separately as the original penetrated the lips.
    • Roto sword for grading.
    • Addictive keying for Cohen’s extreme beard details.
    • Combination of roto and keying on Cohen character in general, some mblur was generated in post.
    • Filled up a hole in Cohen’s beard with more beard so it doesn’t distract the audience.
  3. As you Command, race_080
    • Part of scene survey crew, took pictures/videos of the car. Tracked the footage and generated pointcloud to assist TD with building car geometry for object tracking.
    • Tracked the camera and object tracked the car in Syntheyes.
    • Also used GeoTracker from KeenTools to track the car in this shot.
    • Adjusted car animation (accelerate) after tracking. Layout the tracking data to line up car movement to X axis perfectly before doing so.
    • Removed tripod and original car after certain frame to replace with CGI. Use of 3D stabilization/projection while rotopainting out tripod/reconstructing flags that are obstructed.
    • Reconstructed car so that it accelerates faster and no tripod in its way. Uses multiple axis to parent shot camera to move with the car for projection.
    • Object tracked car handed to animator to animate a digital double.
    • Comp in digital double.
  1. As you Command, house_200
    • Lead compositor to create deep compositing template for the compositors on this film.
    • Fixed roto from another compositor.
    • Removed boy from original plate but kept the hat.
    • Cleanup trackers on hat using UV render.
    • Rebuilt hat with CGI hat rendered by TD to fit the CGI genie better.
    • Comp in genie using deep compositing to generate holdout for smoke and hat.
    • Projected hat on a card to move it in deep pointclouds to place it in the right position (on genie head), and have correct amount of smoke on top of it.
    • Added spark using stock footage. Relight genie using position and normal pass and nuke point light when spark came on.
    • Added face detail from original plate. Rotopainted boy’s face and added them on the animated alembic file to overlay on rendered genie to add realistic face details.
  2. As you Command, fire_040
    • Track and layout survey shot to build the shot camera.
    • Track survey shots and build pointclouds to assist TD with modelling the fire truck in the film.
    • Object track hat with GeoTracker from KeenTools and Syntheyes.
    • Create separate mattes for hat and its transparent area.
    • Refine cleanup from another compositor.
    • Rebuilt hat with CGI hat rendered by TD.
    • Comp in genie using deep compositing to generate holdout for smoke and hat.
    • Projected hat on a card to move it in deep pointclouds to place it in the right position (on genie head), and have correct amount of smoke on top of it.
    • Modeled the flashlight.
    • Modeled/Rigged window blinds in the background.
    • Scene/Camera layout for the shot.
    • Communicate with TD for render layers requirements.
    • Denoise rendered elements.
    • Composite the shot.
    • Relight badges and faked shadow on one of the badges.
    • Custom gizmo for axis animation remapping.
    • Custom gizmo for flashlight rays that works with animation.
    • Custom gizmo for smudges on lens.
    • Final grading in Davinci Resolve.