Nuke CSP error in Linux

Nuke CSP error in Linux

Encounter this problem when I decided to work on a project Troll Bridge, which I started in Windows. This nuke script requires a LUT, CSP file and it is erroring in Linux only. Same Nuke version 11.1v2, same .nuke folder loaded, just the difference in OS. The real head-scratcher is this error message here:

“….csp’ could not be loaded. Lut doesn’t seem to be a csp file, expected ‘CSPLUTV100. First Line: ‘CSPLUTV100’.”

Couldn’t find a solution online, I posted this issue in both Nuke User forum and Nuke facebook user group. And I got a reply in the facebook group from Ahren, the producer of Troll bridge.

He pointed out that it is an old issue with the OCIOFileTransform node getting confused with it’s end of line (carriage return) characters. And re-save it with linux/unix encoding should fix the issue. So I opened up the CSP file in gedit, and resaving it in Linux end of line fixed that nicely.

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