Cupcake for Adobe?

This is the 6 seconds clip I created for Adobe Round Trip 2016, which can be found here on Vimeo. It’s a collaboration project in a facebook group of Adobe users in New Zealand. Of course use of other software were involved while creating this. Modeling, rigging and dynamics done in Autodesk Maya. Textured in […]

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A lesson in group destruction

This is a group effort in third year’s dynamic class, blowing something up! This is the result of me and my team mates, Eric Andersson and Ben Casey. Lecturer Brian Samuels provided the assets for us to blow up, and we design the process of destruction. We decided we’ll drop an asteroid that destroys the […]

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Sebastian sat on a wall

Sebastian is the asset we used to practice animation during year one and in year two it is still the main model for students in animation stream. Naturally, it is quite the love and hate relationship for students like us! So when it is about shooting a canon, of course Sebastian is going to be […]

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Making tearable thing

Playing with tearable Maya nCloth.

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