Trollbridge Shot Breakdown

Trollbridge Shot Breakdown

I had the most fun with this shot while working on Troll Bridge, in fact so much fun I decided to make its own breakdown here. To be specific, this is the most fun I had keying and I thought it’s so satisfying to see what the shot transformed into after taking out all the green stuff.

The detailed breakdown of what I did as below:

    • All the CG elements below has gone through a lens distortion with STMap.
    • Horse fine hair goes over uneven green suit and black rock later. Ended up roto out the main hair strands and combination of roto and keying parts the rest of the horse.
    • Due to the stone troll coming in between them, rock behind horse must be a separate matte even though horse is on top of it, . Done with combination of roto and keying to separate them. Shrink down the edge of rock considerably due to extreme depth of field, ended up generating my own edge.
    • Extended rock edge when green suit guy took out part of it which would shows up in the shot later.
    • Comp in background, fixed anti-aliased depth channel to generate DOF without artifacts.
    • Comp in sword FX elements with glow. .
    • Comp in Mica the troll. A pair of tooth were rendered and comp in separately as the original penetrated the lips.
    • Roto sword for grading.
    • Addictive keying for Cohen’s extreme beard details.
    • Combination of roto and keying on Cohen character in general, some mblur was generated in post.
    • Filled up a hole in Cohen’s beard with more beard so it doesn’t distract the audience.

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