Linux Snippets

I’ve interested in Linux for a while now but it’s only until recently I actually installed Linux to dual boot with my Windows 10. At first I installed Ubuntu because of it’s popularity, but then on the same day I found out the production programs I work with (Nuke, Maya) doesn’t work that well with Ubuntu. Turned out they’re all more compatible with CentOS, which is what I’m using now. This is a post to record the tips or just commands I found useful.


  • Mounting NTFS file system after a fresh installation.
    yum --enablerepo=extras install epel-release
    yum install ntfs-3g fuse



  • When a repository is causing problem, head to

    And open up the repos that’s causing problem and set





  • Find dependencies for a particular package
    yum deplist <package name>


    yum deplist vlc


  • Find out where a package comes from
    yum provides <packgage name>



  • Formatting a USB drive with FAT32 file system
    First find out its mount point

     fdisk -l

    or this



     mkfs –t vfat



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