Cupcake for Adobe?

Cupcake for Adobe?

This is the 6 seconds clip I created for Adobe Round Trip 2016, which can be found here on Vimeo.

It’s a collaboration project in a facebook group of Adobe users in New Zealand. Of course use of other software were involved while creating this.

  • Modeling, rigging and dynamics done in Autodesk Maya.
  • Textured in Mari.
  • Rendered in Mental ray.
  • Comp in Nuke and After Effects.

Ah good old days. It was during some After Effects class in Media Design School, a group of collaborators from that facebook group came to Media Design School to invite us to join the project. So I thought why not? But why cupcake? It was after I did the storyboard of “something” jumping in After Effects graphics interface, and user changing it will end in its demise. I was having trouble deciding what that “something” is, and someone close to me mentioned cupcake, and it ended up in the project! Some people thought I did a mushroom though, since it just shows up and disappear so fast.

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