Small improvement to Pr_Suite for Nuke

One of the most tool I use constantly in Nuke is Pr_Suite_v1.1, created by Parimal VFX. What is included in the suite can be found on the linked website so I will not go into details. What this is about is some small improvement I made over the time I use it. located in […]

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Launch terminal via Python in different linux distros

I’ve recently switched to KDE Neon for different experience, and realize that my python scripts for executing commands via launching terminal stopped working. And it hits me that specifying “gnome-terminal” would limit the scripts to only work on distros that comes with “gnome-terminal”, and KDE Neon doesn’t have it. As I looked into if there’s […]

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Trollbridge Shot Breakdown

I had the most fun with this shot while working on Troll Bridge, in fact so much fun I decided to make its own breakdown here. To be specific, this is the most fun I had keying and I thought it’s so satisfying to see what the shot transformed into after taking out all the […]

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Developing Crowd Simulation with Nuke

I was tasked with development of crowd simulation during our third year film production, As You Command. The scene that requires a CG crowd takes place in a huge hockey rink with action in the foreground. Director James Cunningham gathered every students and lecturers in the class and shot almost 100 green screen plate for […]

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FFmpeg output from nuke

Recently I discovered that nuke in Linux doesn’t have H.264 in its codec list, unlike in Windows. Asking around nuke user forum reveals that it is because of quicktime only default on Windows and Mac, and there’s codec licensing issue. But to sum it up, Nuke in Linux cannot output H.264 directly, so I’m looking […]

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Windows 10 delete reparse points in (sub)directories

Recently Windows 10 went through the fall creator’s update without my permission, I found out that I can no longer access my onedrive folder while I’m booted into linux. To clarify, the folder does not shows up in gui but does shows up red when using ls command in the directory. Through many frustrations and […]

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Firefox readability in KDE Plasma theme

I’ve started using KDE Plasma Workspace in Cent OS 7 a few weeks ago, and I love every bit of it. Except when it comes to its theme ruining firefox’s readability. The worst case scenario I had is when I’m on Google Developers site it turned both background and text into dark grey! After I […]

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Logitech SetPoint disables media keys

In my 5 years experience of using Logitech MK700 keyboard, I’ve always encountered a weird issue where the media keys on top of keyboard only works when a media player is in focus on Windows. Weirdly enough I only discovered it’s Logitech software that’s causing problem, for its own keyboard! What I meant is when […]

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Nuke CSP error in Linux

Encounter this problem when I decided to work on a project Troll Bridge, which I started in Windows. This nuke script requires a LUT, CSP file and it is erroring in Linux only. Same Nuke version 11.1v2, same .nuke folder loaded, just the difference in OS. The real head-scratcher is this error message here: Couldn’t […]

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Installing DroidCam on CentOS 7

Basically what DroidCam does is it allows me to turn my android phone into a webcam and use it on Skype, Google+, or even as a surveillance device if I wish. And I chose this program over other webcam apps for android simply because its desktop client work on both Windows and Linux. What I […]

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